F10 Supports the PS Animal Shelter!

This month F10 is super excited to support the Palm Springs Animal Shelter!  For the whole month of November proceeds of our vegan "PERFECT PITTie" pizza will go directly to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter! The PS Animal Shelter is the only municipal no-kill animal shelter in the Coachella Valley, in a town that is so animal friendly we think it's incredibly important to show our support, raise awareness, and give back to establishments that share in our same values and protect our furry friends.  The shelter cares for between 400-600 animals every day, and depends on donations to continue to be there for the animals that depend on them.  All you need to do is stop in, enjoy a PERFECT PITTie pizza and grab some cocktails with friends! What else could be better than that?

More info at www.psanimalshelter.org
Volunteer at www.psanimalshelter.org/volunteer

Tequila + Asado Tasting at Chi Chi - YES PLEASE!


Who doesn't love yummy tequila and south-american style bbq?! Come join us at Chi Chi for this tasting that is going to knock your socks off! We can't wait, and neither should you! Buy your tickets now at this link here ! Can't wait to see everyone there!

Tachevah 2015 Wrap Up!

Tachevah 2015 was a HUGE success!  Here are a selection of my favorite images from the performances of Caxton, Alchemy and Little Red Spiders!  I had friends flying into town so I wasn't able to catch Jungle or Kimbra unfortunately, but my main goal was to attend and support our local bands who totally rocked it!  There was such a great turnout, not to mention the icy cold beverages served up by Heineken and delicious food from food trucks and I may or may not have indulged in an extremely large lemonade icee AND french fries! :)  Many many huge thank you's to the Desert Sun, Golden Voice, the City of Palm Springs, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, Harold Matzner and PS Resorts for making the event possible!  I am already looking forward to next year! xo sarah

photography by Sarah Dickenson

The Coachella Comedown

What.a.weekend.  Coachella seriously rocked my world, and the world's of thousands of other music lovers from around the globe.  There was so many amazing musicians in this year's lineup, but for me it was all about; Hozier, The Weeknd, Florence and the Machine, Kiesza, Lykke Li, George Ezra, Kaskade and well the list could literally go on and on.  As much as Coachella was exhausting, it was also incredibly reinvigorating for me, there is something magical about dancing under the stars with your best friends, singing the lyrics of your favorite songs with thousands of other people that goes right to your soul.  It is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner spirit animal and don your favorite hippie boho attire.

I couldn't bring my real camera in so I had to settle for my iphone all weekend, which in and of itself was a liberating experience.  Above are a few of my favorites, including the iconic Coachella ferris wheel, some of the great art installations they had on the grounds and the beautiful caterpillar that turned into a butterfly over the course of the weekend.  Coachella is seriously an experience for the eyes, ears, heart and soul, and I cannot wait to go back next year!  My best piece of advice, take Monday off.

Now that the pure madness of Coachella is over, up next is Stage Coach! The country version of Coachella held on the same grounds this upcoming weekend.  Although I'm not attending, I will do my best to cover some of the fun!  Keep an eye out for pictures from last week's Tachevah 2015 as well!  It was a super fun event in town and I was stoked to see our local bands rock the stage!  Don't forget about the rest of April's events in PS, which you can read about here!

I will leave you with this glorious masterpiece, one of my absolute favorite performances from the weekend, and a truly beautiful song.

Palm Springs Party Fever!

Tis the season…April in Palm Springs is considered the “height of season,” music, art and cultural events of all kinds draw tens of thousands of diverse people from across the globe to the desert. 

First up we have Coachella which we've talked about a little already, but for those of you who have missed it, Coachella is a music and arts festival in Indio that spans two weekends in April! (April 10-12 and April 17-19)!

The Tachevah Block Party is April 15th, between the Coachella weekends and is FREE!!  It's an outdoor music party produced by the city of Palm Springs and Golden Voice!  At the end the month we have Stagecoach (April 24-26) for you country fans and then The White Party (April 24-27) one of Palm Springs' most well known and hottest lgbtq parties of the year!

We here at F10 are particularly excited about the Tachevah Block Party this year, headliner Kimbra (who I love) is getting most of the attention but we think, the co-headliner JUNGLE is really the big story here. Jungle had one of the best albums of 2014 and we still have it on repeat well into 2015.  Any opportunity to see this act and their 7 piece band perform live is a gift of musical genius and to get to see them for free, well Palm Springs, consider yourself super lucky!  And you can't forget about the amazing local talent that competed against 100's of other bands to win their spot performing for this year's block party.  

Little Red Spiders, a five-piece band with two backing female vocalists all graduated from Cathedral City High School, they describe themselves as a, "one car garage rock n' roll band," with influences ranging from Bob Dylan to the Kinks.  You can check out some of their music here!  Alchemy, an Indio based psychedelic rock band, a second year finalist clinched their spot during the first finals showcase at the Date Shed in January!  You can check out their music on soundcloud here!  Caxton was featured a few weeks ago here on the FWORD as one of our Local 622 live music performances at Birba!  They are based out of Palm Desert and play alternative indie pop music!  You can find them on reverbnation and itunes.  Caxton has released two full length albums and a string of EP's since their formation in 2008 and have been nominated in multiple categories for the 2015 CV Weekly Music Awards including best band, best alternative band and even a few solo nominations in bass, keys and vocals categories!  Can't wait to see you all at Tachevah!!

Our hotel Alcazar Palm Springs is also offering a great package if you need a mid-week vaca and a free show. Stay with us from Monday through Thursday for 2 nights, and get a 3rd for FREE + VIP passes to the show. Call 760-318-9850 to book a reservation. Be sure to request your VIP Passes, and use promo code 123! All the details can be found if you click here!

Don't forget to spread the love for our local bands, like them on Facebook, follow them on instagram and most importantly join them on April 15th for Tachevah 2015! Doors open at 5pm at Spa Resort and Casino! 

LITTLE RED SPIDERS - facebook / instagram
ALCHEMY - facebook / twitter
CAXTON - facebook / website / instagram
JUNGLE - facebook / website / instagram
KIMBRA - facebook / website / instagram

TACHEVAH - facebook / website twitter

1st Annual SafeHouse Fashion Show Luncheon at Melvyn's Restaurant!

There is almost nothing I love more then when great food, fashion and community come together!  The 1st Annual SafeHouse Fashion Show Luncheon was held at Melvyn's Restaurant here in town yesterday!  Located at the Ingleside Inn, a small boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Springs, Melvyn's Restaurant makes for a romantic yet upbeat dining experience with hints of old hollywood glamour!  The goal of the fashion luncheon was to raise awareness and funds for The SafeHouse of the Desert, a local program dedicated to the safety and well-being of youth in crisis.  The SafeHouse of the Desert provides services ranging from emergency shelter, to counseling and substance abuse assistance.  Their goal is to not only provide relief but most importantly help instill a sense of hope, hope that things can and will get better.  I found out about this event and the SafeHouse of the Desert through the POP Shop.

The POP Shop, which stands for previously owned products, is a thrift store in the desert whose proceeds go to benefiting the SafeHouse, how amazing is that!!  The SafeHouse can only function with community support and that is exactly what the POP Shop and this luncheon was all about!  The POP Shop had a stand outside of the luncheon where people could learn about the store, donate, or purchase items!  If you've never been, I highly recommend heading over to the POP Shop, located at 551 Industrial Pl, and checking out their goods and maybe even donating some of your own previously owned products!  If you are interested in finding out more about the SafeHouse or donating you can do so here and here, and if you'd like to check out more on the POP Shop head on over to their facebook page here! xo sarah

El Gato Skateboard Classic- Legend's Jam Session

image 1 - eddie elguera image 2 - tony hawk - image 3 - eddie elguera image 4 - eddie elguera, jim gray, steve caballero (clockwise)

"They weren't just guys who dominated competition, but they were also skateboarders who invented some of the most revolutionary maneuvers out of that entire decade." —Stacy Peralta, Bones Brigade

Eddie "El Gato" Elguera is a skateboarding pioneer.  He is a two-time skateboard champion and has helped mentor and advance some of the industries biggest household names including Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero and he also happens to live here locally in Palm Desert!  Eddie can be found spending a lot of his time at the Palm Springs skatepark, riding alongside the town's youth.  Although I personally don't know too much about skateboarding, I grew up with a lot of guy friends who loved the sport and have watched many a documentary to appreciate what I was seeing this weekend here in town.  (If you haven't seen it check out Bones Brigade on Netflix!)  Eddie created the El Gato Classic in an effort to bring together and celebrate what he refers to as the riders of "the revolutionary age of skateboarding,"  such as Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Jim Gray, Tony Magnusson, Dave Hackett, Christian Hosoi and so many more.  It was amazing to see how many young riders came to the event,  I can only imagine how inspired they were seeing the inventors of tricks they can only aspire to achieve riding them out a few feet away.  My biggest take away from the El Gato Classic was that skateboarding truly is a family sport, from the youngsters watching the event with their parents to the deep respect and admiration you can tell the riders have for each other .  I look forward to the El Gato Classic becoming an annual event in town because I think it brings together the city's generations in a way other events can't.  Until next year!  Thanks for a great event Eddie! xx sarah

image 5 - eddie elguera, image 6 - dave hackett, image 7 - steve caballero image 8 - legends watching tony magnusson 

Cheeky's Curbside! Coffee & Pastries While You Wait!!!

Cheeky's curbside, the best thing since sliced bread!  But no seriously, starting THIS Saturday (January 10th, 2015) you will be able to get coffees and pastries while you wait for your table at Cheeky's!!  Or better yet swing by before your walk around town or for a quick mid day pick me up!  Cheeky's curbside uses organic coffee beans from Vittoria, a delightful Australian 3rd generation family owned business.  Vittoria was created by two italian brothers in 1947 who attributed to pioneering the Australian espresso market, luckily for us, today they have offices in both LA and NY!  They pride themselves on sourcing only the finest 100% arabica coffee beans from all over the world and blend them together to create a flavor profile that is not only consistent, but smooth and rich every time!  Coming from someone who drinks A LOT of coffee, this is important, my fellow coffee addicts know what I'm talking about!  Cheeky's curbside will be open Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays and will have the same hours as Cheeky's restaurant (8am-2pm).

Cheeky's Curbside Hours
Saturdays, Sundays & Holiday Mondays
8am-2pm aka the same as Cheeky's!!

So stop on by, grab an espresso while you wait and let us know what you think!!

26th Annual Palm Springs Film Festival

The Palm Springs International Film Festival is officially underway!  The Desert Sun has a great write up of some of the must see films from this year's festival and it's totally got me in the theater spirit!  Among them include two films that look particularly interesting to me!

“Grand Street,” from the U.S. Having its North American premiere at 7:30 p.m. Thursday and 10 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 11 at the Regal. Directed by Lex Sidon. Featuring Kelly McGillis.

“Shift gears from the cumulative weight of the heavy dramas on view at the festival with this sleek, seductively moody love story set amidst the teeming late-night streetscapes and boîtes of Manhattan, circa the millennium. Boy meets girl as each is poised at a transition point in their lives; what ensues is both unexpected and inevitable. Audacious filmmaking from a gifted new writer/director.

“Magical Girl” from Spain. Winner of Best Film, Best Director at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Having its U.S. Premiere at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and 1 p.m. Thursday at the Camelot. Directed by Carlos Vermut. (official website here)

“Three different sets of characters’ lives intertwine to striking effect in this genre-defying feature whose overlapping tales revolve around the theme of sacrifice. Blending noir drama, magic realism and absurdist, dark comedy, this striking new film is wholly original in every way.” 

A complete guide/search to ticket sales can be found here

So grab your popcorn and candy and I hope to see everyone out and about in town!! xx sarah


Palm Springs - Walk of the Inns 2014


Palm Springs is known for it's eclectic, modern yet boho vibes and its hotels are no different! They run the gamut from mid century mod, to moroccan, to upscale boutique luxury.  I attended the 19th Annual Walking Tour of the Inns that was held last week here in town and as someone who is still fairly new, it was awesome to be able to see a few of the hotels that I had never been to and get a feel for what they look like at night, which is b-e-a-utiful!!  There were 19 inns participating in total but I only had the chance to check out a handful!  Above are a few snaps from the Korakia Pensione, the Viceroy, Spencer's, Colony 29 and Del Marcos Hotel.  You can see just from those few images the range of aesthetics and inspirations that these hotels draw from.  Below is a brief description of each of the hotels I visited and a few more pictures from the tour! 

The Viceroy - Luxury Boutique Hotel with spa amenities and an aesthetic that reflects the original Glamour Era of Palm Springs.  The Viceroy is one of the best spots in Palm Springs to get away and indulge in a beautiful upscale environment.
The Korakia Pensione - The Korakia is a true mediterranean inspired oasis in the desert that is both romantic and unique.  If you are inspired by fire pits, lanterns, and vintage books that you can curl up and read on one of the numerous day beds then Korakia is the place for your desert vacation!
Colony 29 - Colony 29 is a revived artist's colony from the 1920's.  The gorgeous botanical grounds has 6 homes that can all be rented as vacation properties which are perfect for large groups and weddings.
Spencer's Restaurant - Spencer's ambience is what makes it special!  With a great pacific rim inspired menu and a comfortable yet upscale environment, it welcomes both the Palm Springs traditionalists and tourists alike.
Del Marcos Hotel - Del Marcos was originally designed in 1947 by the famed desert architect William F. Cody, it is only 1 block from downtown Palm Springs and is the epitome of mid century modern.  With deluxe sweets and quaint kitchenettes Del Marcos is the perfect place to relax and have some fun!

image 1 Del Marcos Hotel / image 2 & 3 the Korakia / image 4 Colony 29