Home Tour - Joshua Tree Retreat

We are all about supporting local here at F10 and in honor of that I wanted to start sharing some of the amazing homes we have here in the desert!  Palm Springs is known for its mid century modern and boho vintage vibes and the homes here exemplify the cities eclectic tastes. This space, "The Desert Dwelling," is a beautiful high desert retreat! 2 bedrooms, great mountain views and so much style!  I love the great pops of color throughout.  Who wouldn't want a little desert getaway in this amazing home?  All of the homes I will be sharing are available to rent for your desert vacation through AirBNB! Remember to support local this season, where you stay, where you dine, and where you shop all make an impact!  I hope you all have an amazingly great weekend!

photography by Sarah Dickenson
Find it on AirBNB here!

Home Inspiration - Black, White & Modern

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July and enjoyed the amazing weather we have been having!  I thought it'd be nice to ease into this week of recovery (for me anyway) with a little home tour!  This space is the gorgeous home of Swedish Interior Stylist, Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen, maybe more widely known by her instagram handle @Frustilista . If you take a glimpse at her Instagram account you will immediately get a feeling for her aesthetic, which is incorporated into her home, wardrobe, and interior design work.  Simple lines, modern, and a crisp color palette of black and white epitomizes Jenny's style and I love it.  What do you think? xo sarah

Images via photography by Hannah Lemholt

Inspired Guest Houses that Rock!

I've been dreaming of casitas since Memorial Day.  I visited my friends new high desert home for a little get together with some friends and they have this amazing poolside casita / guesthouse, which essentially sent me into a multi day tailspin of googling and pinning adorable and affordable casita options, and my favorite option of all is the ever fabulous airstream trailer.  These things are all the rage right now, from the vintage to the modern people are revamping these trailers like I've never seen!  What I wouldn't give for a little extra space outside of the home to have guests in or use an office space!  Not that I could have one on my property where I live anyway but hey, a girl can dream right?  And so can you!  Here are some of my favorites for your visual pleasure! Enjoy! xo sarah

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Home Inspiration - Clean, Crisp and Organic

I love a nice crisp, clean white space that is decorated by luscious pops of color!  The stark geometric home decorations are balanced perfectly with the organic greens that fill this Aussie home of photographer Penny Lane. I especially adore the vintage drink trolley featured above and the antique Pakistani quilt!

Incase you missed it earlier this week, we announced the official opening of the newest member of the Foundation 10 family, Mr. Lyons (you can see the post here!)!  Located in the South end of town, Mr. Lyons is a new twist on the classic steakhouse, with a truly elegant dining experience that is not to be missed on your next trip to Palm Springs!  Come in and join us for a one of a kind evening!  It makes for the perfect date night for you and your special someone or for the true foodie in you!  We will be sharing more photos and food in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

Don't forget, we have Lucky Bones performing for us tonight for our Local 622 live music showcase at Birba from 7-930 pm!  You can check out their interview here! xo sarah

*for reservations call 760 327 1551 

photography by Eve WIlson images via

Home Inspiration - A Designer's Colorful & Cozy Home

What more could you want then a room dedicated solely to entertaining, lounging, and Sunday reading?  This incredibly beautiful and colorful space is the Atlanta home of interior designer Jayme Armour and her boyfriend.  I love the delicate balance of the dark blue hues and the softer pinks and yellows.  Not to mention the gorgeous use of wood to add an organic element to the home as both accent furniture and wall paneling.  Hopefully this is the perfect way to ease into your weekend on this sunny Friday.  If you want to see some more images check out the full feature here!  May you have plenty of time to relax with great company this weekend! Cheers! xo sarah

photography by Sarah Dorio images via 

Coachella Street Style - Weekend 1

I've seen an explosion of all things Coachella on the interwebs already and I'm beginning to experience a serious case of FOMO!  One of my favorite parts of the festival is checking out all of the amazing boho chic fashion.  It is center stage for some of the industry's hottest fashionistas including Alexa Chung, pictured here at our very own Saguaro PS, and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and model Gigi Hadid who is rocking the desert glam with her hunk of boyfriend Cody Simpson.  I'll be posting Coachella related pieces all week so keep an eye out if you aren't able to attend yourself this year!  Don't forget here in town you can also check out Tachevah Fest this Wednesday!  The doors open at 5 and you can find out more information here!  It's a great way to experience the Coachella madness without the madness! xo sarah

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Coachella Beauty Essentials - Smudge Proof, Sweat Proof and More!

music festival beauty essentials

Ahhhh yes, "springtime," in the desert.  If you have been to Coachella before, and or live in the Valley you know that the only seasons here are summer and winter and by winter I mean a balmy 50 degrees if that.  We've been rocking a solid 85 / 90 degrees here for at least a month and it is only going to get hotter!  Especially when you have a few thousand people together at a music festival.  The products I've put together above should help you look and feel beautiful from morning to night!  When I am out and about I love using products that serve two purposes, the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Oil will help take you from night to day and is perfect for a quick pinch of color!  If you tend to get a little oily when you've been in the sun all day try out the Tarte Not So Slick Oil Wipes to help keep your skin clean and clear during the festival madness!  And last but not least, Flash Tattoos!  In my opinion they are the perfect accessory for any festival, sweat proof, smudge proof, fun, and metallic? Yes please! They are such a fun way to try out some designs that you might otherwise never consider!! 

Check out this great article for some more amazing Coachella Festival Style! xo sarah

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A little "Springspiration" for the Home - Modern Rustic Charm

Spring is in the air...my East coast friends tell me the snow is melting and here on the West coast things are as beautiful as can be.  Traditionally the spring is a time for new beginnings, change, a time when we physically clean out our homes while metaphorically clearing away all the clutter and hopefully along with it the stress in our lives in an effort to start fresh.  I've spent some time these last few months refueling myself creatively by hanging out with new and old friends, learning, laughing and talking about life all across the West Coast.  I've been working on a few new projects here in the desert since I've been home that I'm incredibly excited about!!  I'm feeling inspired and ready to charge ahead and make this year even more amazing then I knew it would be! (I'll be sharing some of my adventures on my personal blog soon!)  -- This home blends the old with the new so seamlessly that I couldn't help but think it'd be perfect to share as the seasons change! Modern designs with rustic charm, sounds pretty delightful to me, and the fact that it is located in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland in Victoria Australia might help a little too ;) I hope it inspires you as much as it does me!  You can check out the full feature over on the Design Files here! xx sarah

images by Eve Wilson found on The Design Files 


Coachella Essentials - Accessories - The FWORD Palm Springs

1. Strappy Sandals - ONSALE $8.99 / 2. Jansport Mesh Backpack - $30 / 3. Lomography Belair Instant Camera $329 / 4. Cast Sunglasses in Moon Dust Blue - ONSALE $180 / 5. Studded Bumbag (ASOS) - $32.00 / 6. Ruffled Halter Bathing Suit (Anthropologie) $98 / 7. Nipomo Blanket Roll - $56 / 8. Shemergency Kit - $35

I realized this weekend that Coachella is only 3 weeks away! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!  Living in the Coachella Valley is a true experience during the two week festival period.  The population of Palm Springs probably triples <-- completely made up and most likely incredibly inaccurate -- but there is definitely an insurgance of young people filling the streets in their festival garb, which I absolutely love!!  I thought it would be a great idea to put up a different packing guide each week leading up to weekend 1 of Coachella to share some of my personal favorite items, everything from blankets to makeup to accessories and clothes!!  

I decided to start with these accessories since most of them you have to order online (ie. hop to it folks!) I extra adore the nipomo blanket with the leather carrying strap.  There is nothing worse then wanting to take a seat with your friends to listen to a show and realizing that you have nothing to sit on!  It can double as a great beach or park blanket too!  The Shemergency Kit is sheer genius.  WIth over 40 essentials this kit may end up being your new best friend when your real best friend wanders off into the crowd for the night - we have all been there before!  And don't forget to bring a great pair of sunnies and a bathing suit, it gets HOT out there! I couldn't decide on a hat for this guide but I can't stress the importance of sun protection while you are standing out in the desert.  

Another great idea is to bring an instant camera or a film camera, it will help preserve your phone battery and keep your eyes on what's important instead of on your screen!  It's also nice to come home and have some great photos to send to the lab or polaroids for the fridge! Can't wait to share my upcoming Coachella Guides with you over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!! xo sarah

Home Inspiration - An Eclectic Melbourne Home

Aussie's know how to do it right man.  This house is so incredibly beautiful and seemingly effortless.  You would never imagine that the family that lives here has 4 girls!  There are some pretty rad kid's bedrooms too in the full feature over at the design files!  I love how alive and eclectic the spaces feel with the succulents and art everywhere!  I could probably soak for hours in that tub and then move my relaxed self directly into the indoor / outdoor living room with a nice glass of red wine and a great book, ahhhhh. I don't think I could ever leave!  Enjoy! xo sarah

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