Local 622 - Giselle Woo

Another one of my favorite humans here in the desert is gracing us with her musical abilities for this week's Local 622 live music showcase at Birba!  Giselle Woo's voice is velvety, unassuming, and completely beautiful.  She has the innate ability to relate to her audience through her lyrics and folksy sound, she handles both ballads and rock and roll music with such an ease and confidence that most seasoned performers don't have!  If you need any more convincing, check out her music here and her answers to my questions below and come and join us tomorrow (4/2) for what is sure to be an amazing desert evening at Birba from 7-930 pm!  I mean, who couldn't love an insanely talented - spaghetti lovin' - guitar slingin' - art making' - musician straight from the CV?  I know I do!

Your Name - Giselle Woo
Band Name - Giselle Woo & The Night Owls   
Band Member Names - Andy Gorrill, David Macias, and Erik Mouness
Genre - Singer/Songwriter, Desert Rock, Sung Poetry, Latin Ballad, Mexican Pop   

Where are you based out of?  Cathedral City, CA      

How did you get started?  My Dad introduced the guitar to me when I was around 12 years old.  Shortly after I started playing rhythm guitar and singing harmonies in my parents choir at St. Louis Church.        

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?  Intense feelings.  Sadness, Anger, Love, Heartache, Loss, Justice, Peace, Joy.  When I say intense, imagine the feeling of any of these emotions, at their peak.  That's when it needs to come out of me.      

Do you have any loves other than music?  Soccer, Art, Family and Friends.    

What do you think about when youโ€™re performing?  I'm thinking about how I felt when I wrote whatever song I'm singing at the moment.  Also, I close my eyes a lot, I tell myself to open them.  Haha, so if I'm closing my eyes, know that I want to open them so bad, but I just can't!        

What else can we expect from you in the future?  Expect more music.  I've accepted the fact that music is something I am going to do until the day I die.  It's my happiness.  Expect more collaborations.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect big things!!  As for Thursday, expect a girl with her guitar, trying our best to provide you with chill entertainment!    

Whatโ€™s the best advice youโ€™ve ever been given?  I was always shy, about singing and playing guitar, maybe even insecure.  It wasn't until someone said to me "Get over yourself!", I was told this after I clammed up, froze and almost started to cry when asked to sing one of my songs.  Now, I am in love with all of it.  Music, performing.. . standing on stage.  I remember these three words when I get nervous for a gig, which is every time.  haha.     

Who are you currently listening to?  Right now,  right now?  I am listening to Pitbull Pandora Station.  Song currently playing is Calabria 2008 by Enur.  Nice song to dance to.  Haha! I listen to whatever my friends put out their on Soundclouds!  I want more people to post their work, "get over yourselves!" haha, because I'm listening, we all are!  (Here is Giselle's soundcloud!)

What is your secret food craving?  Spaghetti.  Dude, I love spaghetti and meat sauce! And mngo with lime and cocula!  mango!  Fine, one more... chunky monkey by Ben & Jerry. <--MINE TOO!

Do you have any hidden talents? I don't know if I hide it well or not, but I can score a mean ol' goal!  I can play soccer, like really play.  Haha.  Another hidden talent, that I hope doesn't stay as hidden anymore,  is art.  I am pretty sterdy with the pen and not too shabby with color mediums.  I also love following recipes from cook books! -- Somehow she forgot to mention bowling?  I know from personal experience Giselle can hit a few strikes too!

I just want you all to know that I appreciate all the kind words and best wishes.  It honestly fills me with joy.  The Coachella Valley is my home and I am not going anywhere, and if I do, you're all coming with me.  My next performance will be April 9th, at Plan B in 1000 Palms.  An event hosted by Morgan James called "Intimate Acoustics".  Starts at 8!    

instagram - @GISELLEWOO
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