Coachella Essentials - Accessories - The FWORD Palm Springs

1. Strappy Sandals - ONSALE $8.99 / 2. Jansport Mesh Backpack - $30 / 3. Lomography Belair Instant Camera $329 / 4. Cast Sunglasses in Moon Dust Blue - ONSALE $180 / 5. Studded Bumbag (ASOS) - $32.00 / 6. Ruffled Halter Bathing Suit (Anthropologie) $98 / 7. Nipomo Blanket Roll - $56 / 8. Shemergency Kit - $35

I realized this weekend that Coachella is only 3 weeks away! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!  Living in the Coachella Valley is a true experience during the two week festival period.  The population of Palm Springs probably triples <-- completely made up and most likely incredibly inaccurate -- but there is definitely an insurgance of young people filling the streets in their festival garb, which I absolutely love!!  I thought it would be a great idea to put up a different packing guide each week leading up to weekend 1 of Coachella to share some of my personal favorite items, everything from blankets to makeup to accessories and clothes!!  

I decided to start with these accessories since most of them you have to order online (ie. hop to it folks!) I extra adore the nipomo blanket with the leather carrying strap.  There is nothing worse then wanting to take a seat with your friends to listen to a show and realizing that you have nothing to sit on!  It can double as a great beach or park blanket too!  The Shemergency Kit is sheer genius.  WIth over 40 essentials this kit may end up being your new best friend when your real best friend wanders off into the crowd for the night - we have all been there before!  And don't forget to bring a great pair of sunnies and a bathing suit, it gets HOT out there! I couldn't decide on a hat for this guide but I can't stress the importance of sun protection while you are standing out in the desert.  

Another great idea is to bring an instant camera or a film camera, it will help preserve your phone battery and keep your eyes on what's important instead of on your screen!  It's also nice to come home and have some great photos to send to the lab or polaroids for the fridge! Can't wait to share my upcoming Coachella Guides with you over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!! xo sarah