Local 622 - Lucky Bones is Playing at Birba!

What an amazing week it has been in Palm Springs!  Modernism Week is in full swing and we are SO lucky to have Lucky Bones (ha! see what I did there?!) with us at Birba THIS THURSDAY February 19th for our Local 622 Live Music Showcase!  Lucky Bones is the desert acoustic rock duo of Gabriella Evaro and Chris Unck and their sweet sounds are not to be missed.  Humorous, kind, and in touch with the world, just from reading the answers to their questions below you already get a sense of the type of people and the type of music Gabby and Chris play! They draw inspiration from nature, the cosmos and the world around them which is evident in the soulful and earthy tones of their music.  I've come to the conclusion that there MUST be something in the high desert water because there is so much unbelievable talent that has emerged from that area it's out of control!  I hope you are intrigued because you should be,  so come take a break from the madness and jam out under the desert stars this Thursday from 7-930 with Lucky Bones!  

Band Name - Lucky Bones
Band Members - Gabriella Evaro and Chris Unck

Where are you based out of?
Joshua Tree, California

How did you get started?
Sun dancing in Rimrock on the Wizard rock on Garth's property and falling in love while recording each others music.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?
The wind, Native American poems and art, The Joshua Tree National Park, nebulas, The Crystal Bible, Tao, The Electro Vibratory Body, Tessla, rusty cans face down in the dirt, howling coyotes, Alex Grey, full moons, heart rocks, the rain soaked creosote, Venus, Mars and The Joshua Tree
Music Festival.

Do you have any loves other than music?
Navajo rugs, silversmithing, leather work, painting, crafting, large scale interactive art installations, dancing with the Yei-Bei-Chai, family, spells, hot springs, turquoise, elephants and cooking! 

What do you think about when you’re performing?
Did I turn the gas off on the stove? - CU
Can they see my nipples with these bright ass lights…!? -GE
hmm… oh well…. -GE

What else can we expect from you in the future?
To keep doing what we love!

What’s the best advice youve ever been given?
“Get up, get over it and make it happen.” – Bobby Furst

Who are you currently listening to?
Skip James, John Lee Hooker, Elizabeth Cotton, Billie Holiday, Howling Wolf, Lightning Hopkins, Tinariwen, Cambodian mixtapes, Joe Meek, Ramones, Creedence, Devendra Banhart, Mexican Rumble and Buena Vista Social Club

What is your secret food craving?
Forbidden rice and Sushi

Do you have any hidden talents?
Why hide any talents? 

“Lucky Bones, lucky bones, we all got them lucky bones!”

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