Interview with Tara Lazar - Cookbooks and the Culinary World

Tis the season folks!  We decided to sit down with our own Tara Lazar to chat a little about culinary inspiration, seasonal favorites and get the scoop on her favorite cookbooks!  Check out the Q&A below!

What draws you to the culinary world?
T - Interesting people, the fast paced environment and I get to be around tasty food all the time!

cinnamon infused butternut pecan sweet potato casserole

cinnamon infused butternut pecan sweet potato casserole

What is your favorite spice to use during the fall / winter months?
T - I love using cinnamon in savory dishes!

If you could cook one dish right now what would it be?
T - A perfectly roasted chicken.

What is your favorite dish to cook for the holidays?
T - Thin, crispy potato pancakes.

What food or spice do you hope to see more of in food this season and how would you use it?
T - Definitely turmeric!  It's incredibly versatile, we use it here at Cheeky's in scrambles, in our smoothies at Chi Chi and on our cauliflower at Mr. Lyon's.

What are a few key elements you look for when deciding to purchase a new cookbook?
T - Innovative recipes, beautiful imagery and out of the ordinary food pairings.

What are your current favorite cookbooks?
Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman
Jersualem by Sami Tamimi & Yotam Ottolenghi
Momofuku by David Chang & Peter Meehan