Living Room Inspiration!

2015 has already been so crazy exciting, if it is any indicator of what's ahead then I'M STOKED!  The biggest part of this year's madness was moving out of the tiny studio I was renting for the past year into a 2 bed house, with a backyard, a real living room, kitchen--needless to say space!  And we all know the best part of moving whether you rent or own is decorating :) :) So over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some of my favorite homes that I've come across, room by room!  I thought it only fitting to start with the living room since that is where, in my house anyway, most of the action happens!  Since I'm renting and not necessarily in a house that could accommodate most of these design elements I'm going to have to get crafty!  I've noticed that the things I'm drawn to are a mix of modern, southwest, bohemian and organic styles!  Stay tuned for more home inspiration over the coming weeks followed by some DIY's AND the finished product of my hardwork, if I can get my house to look half as amazing as these spaces then I will be ecstatic!! xx sarah

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