Home Inspiration - Work Spaces

Work would definitely be a lot more enjoyable with a bad ass office, super comfy chair and great views.  I spend a lot of time behind my desk and I can only hope to one day have an office as amazing as any of these!  I keep telling myself that I would definitely be more productive if I had a better workspace, HA!  However, I am happy to at least have a dedicated space for my desk compared to my old apartment where my desk and bed were legitimately 1 foot apart (it made it way to easy to nap).  But I still long for a home office where I can be creative, get messy, have mood boards and above all else, be inspired and actually want to sit down and work every day--I'm almost there!  At least I'm not being snowed in like all of my New England friends right?  We can't have it all but I'll take 75 and sunny in my half office / half guest bed over a blizzard any day! xo sarah

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