Wreath Round Up - Keeping it Fresh & Modern

The Holiday season has officially begun and we all know what that means!  Christmas music on FULL blast at every department store, glittery tinsel hanging from every nook and cranny in the house and way way way too many plastic reindeer plaguing the streets.  BUT there is hope in sight, there is a way to do the Holidays that is tasteful, fresh, modern yet still gives a nod to traditions that you could never part ways with!  One of my personal favorite Holiday decorations are wreaths, whether on the front door or over the fire place these beauties bring a touch of the outdoors in!  I've rounded up a few examples of some wreaths that I've found while scouring the interweb that will compliment almost any style and hopefully inspire you try something new with this old holiday classic! xx sarah

p.s some of the sources are actually DIY's if you are feeling extra adventurous! 

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