Home & Style - 5 Stylish Vintage Finds

Palm Springs is known not only for its eclectic mix of inhabitants but mostly for its amazing modern style with a touch of hollywood glam and a nod to old world charm.  The houses here are the perfect blend of modern and vintage, of elegant and rustic and most importantly they ooze personality.  If you are in the midst of redecorating or simply interested in pinpointing what it is that makes these spaces so special here is a list of a few finds that designers are always keeping an eye out for to help turn any ordinary room into an extraordinary space that feels unique, trendy and soulful.

1) Busts - Busts are a great way to add a little bit of old world sophistication to any modern space.  They can be used in a multitude of ways and come in many shapes and sizes!
2) Trunks / Luggage - Who doesn't love a nice old trunk?  There is just something magical about luggage and trunks that fills you with you a sense of mystery and adventure!
3) Brass Animal Figurines - These gems are great for a kids room or as tabletop decorations!
4) Lamps - We all need lighting in our houses so you might as well have light fixtures that speak to your personal style!  I love a nice geometrically shaped or patterned lamp with block colors!
5) Antlers - Ok, so maybe these don't technically qualify as vintage BUT, I've looked at enough house tours to know that these things are definitely in style and have a certain badassery too them, they look great mounted on a wall or on a bookshelf!

Here are a few recommendations or places where you might be able to find some great vintage pieces of your own!  Here in town there are always estate sales which are the perfect place to pick up some vintage one of kinds, there is also a Vintage Market that pops up on the first Sunday of every month!  A little further outside of town, and much closer to LA there’s Gray Gallery owned by a French designer and gallerist, Chahan Minassian, Hollywood at Home, a one stop shop for collectibles and textiles and last but not least 1st Dibs, “the world’s leading online marketplace for the most beautiful things on earth,” and they are not kidding!  1st Dib’s has amazing finds from all over the world and was first launched in Paris, so you know it must be great!  Below you'll find a little home inspiration to get you in the right mind set!  Happy Hunting my friends!  xx sarah

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