5 Tips for Styling a Vanity!

Who doesn't love a beautifully curated vanity to sit down at and do their makeup before work everyday?!  Here are a few tips to help you turn a dresser top, or vanity into a space that reflects your personal style and taste and shows off your favorite accessories! xx sarah

Tips for Styling a Vanity!

1. Vintage, Vintage, Vintage! Adding a few vintage touches to your vanity will give it a personal and sophisticated feel as well as show off your thrifting skills!  Try finding a vintage mirror or perfume bottle to accessorize your vanity with!  Or better yet, pair a vintage vanity with modern accessories!

2. Set the mood with a serene color scheme! Try and avoid any harsh color schemes which tend to close off a space.  Light colors such as a crisp white or pale pink work great to show off your collection and help keep the space clean and modern!

3. Variety is the spice of life! Although vanity's aren't typically the largest spaces to work with, bringing in a variety of decorative pieces with different shapes and sizes will help not only create space but also add visual interest to the area.  For example, try mixing a low gold tray for your makeup with a white cake stand to display your bits and bobbles!

4. Small touches go a long way! A little here and a little there can really say a lot about your personal style.  The simple addition of a few choice flowers or a small array of your favorite perfumes speaks to who you are and what you love!

5. Be selective! Be selective with what you show!  The biggest key to a successful vanity is editing.  Only show what is necessary / has personal meaning to you!  Your 100 elastics don't need a prime location on the top of your vanity, save space for the eye catching pieces that you are most proud of!

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